Geo Economics

Harness the Heating Power of the Earth

Althoglobe-960446_960_720ugh the initial cost of a residential geothermal system is often higher than that of other heating and cooling systems, properly sized and installed geothermal systems deliver more energy per unit consumed than conventional systems. For further savings, geothermal systems equipped with a device called a “desuperheater” can even heat your household water. In the summer cooling period, the heat that is taken from the house is used to heat the water for free! In the winter, water heating costs are reduced by about half.

Depending on factors such as climate and soil conditions, the system features you choose, and available financing and incentives, you can recoup your initial investment in two to ten years through lower utility bills. And — when included in a mortgage — your investment in a geothermal system will produce a positive cash flow from the beginning. For example, if the cost for a new geothermal systems was $3,500 more than a new conventional heating and cooling system. It would add approximately $30 per month to your mortgage payment. However, your energy bills will significantly reduce when using a geothermal system. You will pay less on your energy bills than the $30 per month that was added to your monthly mortgage payment.