Service Plans

Allensworth Heating and Cooling offers five different Service Plan options. Each plan provides scheduled service to maintain efficient performance, increase energy savings, and help prevent costly repair bills on your heating and cooling systems. Purchasing a Service Plan automatically makes you an Allensworth Preferred Customer and will give you priority status in emergency situations.

  • A/C and Furnace Service Plan – (All year coverage)
  • A/C Service Plan
  • Furnace Service Plan
  • Geothermal Service Plan
  • Geothermal Service Plan/x2 – (All year coverage)

All service plans consist of 10 point inspection on your heating and cooling system that includes a complimentary filter replacement*Seasons

 10 Point A/C or Geothermal Heat Pump Check

  1. Clean and Check thermostat
  2. Check and add refrigerant
  3. Wash condenser coil
  4. Check air temperatures
  5. Clean out condensate line and drain outlet
  6. Inspect blower condition and lubricate
  7. Inspect/Replace filter; 1″ fiberglass filters included*
  8. Inspect electrical connections and capacitors
  9. Lubricate condenser fan motor and check operation
  10. Check complete air conditioning cycle.
10 Point Furnace Check
  1. Clean and check thermostat
  2. Inspect and adjust safety controls
  3. Clean pressure ports and tubing
  4. Clean condensate trap and drain
  5. Clean and adjust pilot/ignition assembly
  6. Clean and adjust burners
  7. Inspect/Replace filter; 1″ fiberglass filters included
  8. Inspect blower condition and lubricate
  9. Inspect heat exchanger, flue pipe, and chimney/flue
  10. Check complete heating cycle

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*10 point inspection for the Geothermal Service Plans do not include the complimentary filter replacement.